Back To Health In 100 Days
With regular yoga practice, you can get back your health in 100 days. In yoga as in life one of the most important things is finding your edge. By pushing your body to new levels, you find the edge.
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Temple Of Health
Treat your body with the same reverence you treat a temple. This means being aware of what is nourishing and what is not. With this realization, great things start to happen.
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Yoga For Everyone
There is always room for change, but we have to be open to that. You only need two pieces of equipment to do yoga; body and mind. Yoga is for everyone.
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Yoga Classes In Mysore

Yogatma is a concept floated by GSS Yoga Research Foundation to promote physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing through yoga. We simplify genuine scientific knowledge that originated more than 5000 years ago in the Indus Valley Civilization in Northern India and make it understandable to any layman. We at Yogatma continue to research those ancient techniques with and without tools and pass the knowledge to devotees of yoga. We go so far as stating that yoga is a tool for health through sports and entertainment.

Some asansas are executed for physical benefits such as increased flexibility and strength; others for emotional or spiritual benefits like enhanced focus, mental clarity, and connection to a higher self.

How does Yogatma intend to go about it?

  1. Physical wellbeing is attained by practices such as surya namaskara, yogasana, and pranayama.
  2. Mental wellbeing is attained by practices such as pratyahara + dhaarana and dhyana.
  3. Spiritual wellbeing is being totally practical and less ritualistic.

The aim of Yogatma is threefold -

  1. Teach yoga to have a better and energetic life.
  2. Develop mentors to teach yoga.
  3. Develop researchers to delve deeper into the concept of yoga.


Theme Prayer

Yogena chittasya padena vacham; Malam sharirasya cha vaidyakena; Yopakarotam pravaram muninam; Patanjalim pranajaliranato’smi; Abahu purushakaram; Shankha chakrasi dharinamsahasra; Sahasra shirasam shwetam; Pranamami patanjalimh

The theme prayer by itself elucidates the goals of yoga. The translation of the Sanskrit hymn is thus:
  • Yogena chitasya = Management of mind
  • Padena vacha = Management of vocabulary (communication)
  • Malam sharirasyacha vaidyakena = Management of bodily toxins thus becoming a doctor of our own body
  • Aa bahu purushakaram = Management of body
  • Shanku chakrasi dharinam = Using the accelerator and brake of our body
  • Saharsa shirasam = Ability to think in a thousand different ways
  • Swetham = Having clarity of hearing and understanding for communication and working for end results

Ashtanga Yoga - The 8 Limbed Yoga

Yoga is the comfortable living according to our vedic scriptures

  • Yama – External and social discipline
  • Niyama – Individual and internal discipline
  • Asana – Body management
  • Pranayama – Energy management
  • Pratyahara – Senses management
  • Dharana – Specific goal management
  • Dhyana – Mind management
  • Samadhi – Task end management